A kennel club is a group of people who share a common interest in dogs: dog training, sports and showing. Some clubs are breed specific; Mattaponi Kennel Club is not breed specific, lending itself to quite an eclectic group!

The purpose of a kennel club can differ depending upon its mission statement. MKC focuses on promoting dog training and breeding, by putting on trials and shows in obedience, agility, breed and tracking. In addition, the club provides agility training to its club members and the general public. MKC meets ten times a year to discuss club business and make necessary plans for upcoming events and classes. Any kennel club should provide support among its members in terms of dog advice on any topic. MKC does this through its library that members can borrow resources from and its group where a member can find any host of topics being discussed. If a member asks a question someone will know the answer or at least have an opinion on it.

The love of dogs and the sports they compete in can create a very supportive and fun group for any dog enthusiast.

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