September 2020 Agility Run-Thrus

Agility Run-Thrus in September!

Mattaponi Kennel Club is pleased to announce that it will be holding agility run-thrus during the month of September. The run-thrus, based on the USDAA video at home program, will be held every Wednesday starting on 9/9/2020 to 9/30/2020, weather permitting. Registration will start at 6:30 with last entry allowed at 8:00pm. Cost will be 5 dollars per run with a max 2 runs and a max time of 3 minutes per run.

Also knowing that there are people from our 2019 classes that don’t have easy access to agility equipment, Mattaponi will be offering the beginning yard to those students who need training time to work with their dogs. Training time will be from 7:00 to 9:00pm Usage of the ring will be 5 dollars per 10 minutes with no more than 2 people in the ring at a time.

For the beginning yard a time schedule has been set up for use, this is to try to control the number of people waiting to work their dogs. If you want to reserve a time, please email me at Otherwise it will be first come first served. There is a 5 minutes period between the times to allow handlers to pack up and come in to work.

(Note: This is being offered on a trial basis; if we do not have enough of a turnout during the first two weeks we may cancel the next two weeks.)

7:00 to 7:10
7:15 to 7:25
7:30 to 7:40
7:45 to 7:55
8:00 to 8:10
8:15 to 8:25
8:30 to 8:40
8:45 to 8:55

All participants will be required to practice social distancing and will be required to wear a mask at all times outside your car unless you are running your dog.

All participants will be required to sign a Covid and Fairground use wavier.

Note: if you have two different level dogs you may sign up for both rings. You will just need to coordinate it with the people there.

A little FYI on differences between the two rings:

For run thrus-there will usually be two courses per night depending on the number of participants.

It will be run like a trial with jump height divisions. It is for people competing or getting ready to compete.

The beginning yard is for people not ready to start competing but to work individual skills and short sequence work which is much more time consuming.